"I try to make each kitchen...

one of a kind and give it

that timeless quality,

rooted in history, that's not

going to fade away or

go out of style next year."

~ Lois Kennedy




Portfolio Kitchens was founded by Lois Kennedy in 1990 from a desire to provide a more specialized service to her clients. Her reputation for thoughtful and creative design concepts, complimented by her thorough execution of details, won her a following of delighted clients as well as the respect of architects and designers alike.

Utilizing custom cabinetry and quality products, Portfolio Kitchen's main objective is to create a totally unique look for each project. Emphasis is placed on attention to detail and customer service.

Each kitchen represents a creative reflection of a client's taste, needs and desires, and at the same time must be absolutely functional and timeless in its appeal. Every kitchen is a new set of challenges that provides opportunities for unique creations.

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